Linus Torvalds annuncia Linux 2.6.26

Date Sun, 13 Jul 2008 15:44:18 -0700 (PDT)
From Linus Torvalds <>
Subject Linux 2.6.26

So it’s been almost three months since 2.6.25 (87 days to be exact, I
think), making this a longer-than-usual release cycle. Or maybe it just
feels that way, and we’re always getting close to three months these days.

But it’s out there now. Or rather, the git tree is out there, and the
patch/tar-ball is still uploading as I write this.

The diffs from -rc9 are pretty small, with with the bulk actually being
Documentation updates (almost 80% is just added docs). The rest tensd to
be one-liners for some regressions or otherwise pretty small patches.

Several regressions did get fixed in the last few days, thanks to
everybody involved.

dirstat since -rc9:

3.3% Documentation/networking/
78.5% Documentation/
2.5% arch/
2.4% drivers/net/wireless/
4.0% drivers/net/
2.0% drivers/usb/host/
2.1% drivers/usb/
9.4% drivers/
2.0% fs/
3.6% net/

and dirstat for the whole release since 2.6.25 (yeah, Documentation
doesn’t even show up in the latter :^):

4.9% arch/arm/
9.0% arch/powerpc/configs/
11.8% arch/powerpc/
28.7% arch/
5.0% drivers/media/video/
9.2% drivers/media/
5.5% drivers/net/sk98lin/
6.6% drivers/net/wireless/
17.8% drivers/net/
4.8% drivers/s390/net/
5.3% drivers/s390/
49.7% drivers/
6.4% include/
5.1% net/

Have fun,



Link: Linux 2.6.26

Via | LKML.org


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